Red Fort in Agra

The Bridge which accesses to the gate of the Agra Fort

Red Fort in Agra

The view from the garden inside the Agra Red Fort

Mutiny Aftermath

The painting which shows the condition during the aftermath of Mutiny 1857

Red Fort in New Delhi

The view of Delhi palace from Chandni Chowk

Emperor Akbar

The painting shows the condition during the reign of Akbar

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Blames on Jamaat Tablighi

When I was playing table tennis in a lovely afternoon with a room mate, a band of people came to us.
They smiled to us saying "Assalamu'alaikum", a very friendly greeting known to me. Their face showed brightness which calm my heart.
We stop to play when they approached us and began to deliver his preaching, calling us to pray in the mosque, just a block away from my residence.
Later, I came to know that these people are the member of Jama'at Tabligh.

I had been attracted to their activities, for their teachings as far as my knowledge, nothing is contrary to the Islamic teachings.
Their main aim is to call Muslim people to the mosque and correct their daily practices which mostly deviated from the right path.

As a student of Islamic studies, absolutely I studied the initial emergence of this organization though not that deep.
Jamaat Tabligh was founded by Maulana Ilyas,to counter aggressive Hindu movements and to educate the Meos who newly converted to Islam.
From this point I believe that this movement was good from its beginning and Allah will bless whoever join this movement.

Another day, some members of JT came to meet me at my flat. They deliver a usual and long speech that began to make me bore.
It seem to me that they force me, though politely, to do "khuruj" as they did. My view about them somehow, changed.
"How come they believe that their way is the only right way? What on earth they think they are? angel?", my emotion provoked.
I came to the conclusion that JT was good and compatible to be run in the period of Maulana Ilyas only,
and now many of its members are ignorent and dont know much about Islamic law,and the real face of Islam. They have only spirit and fanaticism to this movement.
Many distinguish Muslim scholar stated that this movement is "batil" and should not be followed.

The movement that founded by Maulana Ilyas to counter other religious propagation has been countered by some Muslims itself, an ironic phenomenon.
However, to me JT as an organization is effective to cultivate the religious spirit of it's members - therefore should not be poured with tons of blames - remain the knowledge that is the task of the "ahlul ilmi" to
teach them.



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