Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The spread of Islam to India

My previous post,"Arab conquest of Sind and Multan" has acquired many complains and disagrement regarding the absence of telling the damage that Muhammad bin Qasim and other Arab Muslim rulers caused during their rule, and violence that they offered at the time of their invasion.
It is true that there were persecutions and forcible conversions committed by some Muslim rulers in India, such as the well known brutal massacres of Brahmans by Mahmud of Ghazna, the persecutions of Aurangzeb and the forcible conversion of Hydar Ali and Tipu Sultan ect.
Timur wrote in his authobiography after he captured Delhi, "I had triumphed over my adversaries, I have put to death some lacs of infidels and idolaters, and I had stained my proselyting sword with the blood of the enemies of the faith". But it is worthy to be noted, as T. W. Arnold wrote, that among the sixty-six millions of Indian Musalmans there are vast numbers of converts or descendants of converts, in whose conversion force played no part and the only influences at work were the teaching and persuasion of peaceful missionaries.

Most of the Muslim invaders seem to have acted in similar way; in the name of Allah, idols were thrown down, the priest and warriors of the enemy killed, and their temples destroyed, in place of that the mosques were usually built. But however, the war was fought only as the last alternative where there was no other way could be afford. Moreover, the offer of Islam was generally made before any attack.

One of my blog reader complained because I didn't write the brutality of Muhammad bin Qasim, Mahmud of Ghazna ect. I'm telling you, that killing and destruction is the natural result of war in every part of the world. We can not find any war that has no victim at all. But the way the Muslim rullers treat their enemy of war showed more honour to humanity insted of any other nation in the wolrd which had happened to be involved in a war. At least, their religion order them to do so. Just for your considerasion, Saladin, in act of mercy freed many prisoners of war during crusade.

The prophet Muhammad said,"Paradise lies in the shadow of sword". What MBQ, MOG or Timur had done could be based on this prophetic tradition. Dont be offended with the hadith (prophet tradition), because it could become the subject of misinterpretation if you see the full text of the original hadith as follows:
"Salim relates that a letter written to the Kharijite sect by Abdullah ibn Abi Awfa, and conveyed to them by Amr ibn Ubaydillah, tells of how on certain days, when the prophet was engaged in a military campaign, he would wait until the sun had almost set and then, standing up amidst his companions, he would say: "Oh my people, be not eager to meet the enemy on the battlefield. Ask God instead for peace. But, when confronted by the enemy, stand fast and do not flinch. You must know that paradise lies in the shadow of swords". Then the prophet pray to God: "Oh Allah, you who reveal the scripture, who set the clouds afloat, who defeat armies, defeat them and grant us succour in our struggle against them".

Thus the true message of this hadith is that there should be no keenness to meet the enemy on the battlefield. I would like to quote a story of Saladin more, just to show the Muslim's love of soul, as follows: In the wake of his victory at the Battle of Hattin in July 1187, Saladin conducted a successful campaign in the Christian territories of the Holy Land. Among those Christian nobles who managed to escape from Hattin was Balian of Ibelin who first fled to Tyre. A short time later, Balian approached Saladin to ask permission to pass through the lines to retrieve his wife, Maria Comnena, and their family from Jerusalem. Saladin granted this request in exchange for an oath that Balian would not take up arms against him and would only remain in the city for one day. And what did happen when Balian breach the oath? Though angered by Balian's choice, Saladin did allow Maria and the family safe passage to travel to Tripoli. Within Jerusalem, Balian faced a bleak situation. In addition to laying in food, stores, and money, he created sixty new knights to reinforce its weak defenses. On September 20, 1187, Saladin arrived outside of the city with his army. Not wishing further bloodshed, Saladin immediately opened negotiations for a peaceful surrender. With Eastern Orthodox clergyman Yusuf Batit serving as a go-between, these talks proved fruitless.

MBQ came to Sind for the sake of restoring order, during the uncertain treat of the local chieftains and Rajput reign, and religious mission as well. Not for the sake of merely looting and sending the infidels to hell. Though we can not deny that forcible conversion could be there, but the majority of the heterogenous elements of which Indian Muslim is made up entered the pale of Islam with their own free will.

Ghukkars, a Barbarous people in North Punjab are said to have been converted through the influence of Muhammad Ghori. It is said that Muhammad Ghori released them from the prison and confirming their chieftain to bear the title of chief of the tribe. In the period of Khiljis, Ibn Batuta said that the Hindus who adopt the Islamic faith were exonerated from the Jizyah and were favoured with presents and honours. Thus the large number of Hindus admitted to the honour of Islam.

The religious influence of Islam became more persistent in the period of Mughal dynasty. Bishop Lefroy said that the positive character of Muslim teaching attracted minds that were dissatisfied with the vagueness and subjectivity of a phanteistic thought. Many Rajputs embraced Islam and are very zealous in the pracrice of their religion, yet often betray their Hindu origin.


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    Great work


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    Maap Pak baru sempat berkunjung lagi IM2 nya lagi bikin stres... makasih ya udah berkunjung ke blog saya :)

  4. Hey Amri
    Hold your horses, Sir. You are simply an Islamic apologist, indulging in prevarication. If you are an Indonesian, stick to matters Indonesian, do not thrust your unholy views on Indian readers regarding what is Indian History and what is not.
    You shamelessly defend the Islamic brutality and murderous zealotry exhibited by most Islamic invaders in India. How dare you justify the killings of non-Muslims in India. How dare you? Arabic desert murderers invaded India, raped, pillaged, converted and then people like you quote verses from the Koran to justify all that. How silly and ridiculous you are.
    Come out into the open and I will show you how shallow and mean your arguments are, Mister.
    You defend murder and slaughter of millions of non-muslims by Muslims in the name of war. And then you go on to lie that your Muslim rulers treated non-Muslims in India compassionately? Lies and prevarications.
    So your Islamic invaders will invade, lay siege to a non-Muslim kingdom and give them an ultimatum. They will try all forms of persuasion (read 'all forms of persuasion') and if if the non-Muslims do not want to convert you go to war with them. So all this is justified. And then you say that all this constitutes peaceful and merciful behaviour?
    What do you think of yourself, your self-righteous ridiculous man?

    1. Anonymous5:59 AM

      Well said ilango. Nothing is there to feel jealous about Islam tradition.Hinduism has a great cultural and traditional values.Whole World bows towards Hindu culture.We no need to prove that.Now stop this shit.....................

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    Aslmkm Oce,
    masih ingat dengan temen seperjunangan...????
    Zainul M.Khas....Riau.
    ini e-mail ane
    ane tunggu yaa kbr dari ente..
    Kangen banget dah lama gk jumpa neh...
    Zainul M.Khas

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  7. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Are you trying to say, all Muslim Invaders came to India just to tell Indains about Allah's limitless mercy (do you honestly belive so). what is the justification for what Muslims have done to India and Hindus. (Killing billions of people, raping and abducting women, robbing & destroying temples). Civilized people country will never do it.
    Muslim rulers imposed Jessiya tax on all non-Muslim citizens in India. (Indirect way of forcing Hindus to convert or to get them out of their homeland) This is history. This also due to Allah's mercy and love.

  8. yes totally agree with you :)

  9. Anonymous12:26 PM

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  11. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Has Anyone wondered why all invaders around the globe wanted to invade India? Answer is Gold. Even today in the year 2010 India has highest consumption of Gold ,which is a part of Hindu Culture.Muslim invaders were no Islam propagators but burglars wanted to make big,This also made wonder why they settled in India if they could have returned because they realized wealth from Indians is enormous,Other than this History is also based on views and perceptions and the way of comprehending situations (for ex "many hindus excepted Islam without force" maybe they knew the consequences if they don't)

  12. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Just wanted to add to my above comment:- Please question why any Hindu ruler ever attacked any other religion in other countries and why it let flourish all the world religions under its shadow.Answers are fathomless ,better to change the subject from past to future.

  13. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Is Hindu a missionary religion? if it's a non-missionary, then i couldnt be compared with the missionary religions, such as Islam or Christian. A missionary religion seeks to call you to his belief.

  14. Clearly, the author of this article has been brain-washed, just like the millions of muslims of this world to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, love, etc.
    Shake off what you have been taught to believe. Think logically for yourself. You're not an expert just because you have read several brain-washing books like Quaran, Hadith, etc.
    "Yasya Naasti Swayam Pragnya, Shastram tasya Karoti Kim?
    Lochanabhyam Viheenasya, darpanah kim karishyati?"

    Translated from Sanskrit: "One who can't think on his own, what good can scriptures do to him?

    Without a pair of eyes, what good can spectacles do?"

  15. Anonymous3:02 AM

    Lundlover: You are not even reading any of Quran and hadith but you have judged that those are the brain-washing books. However, you are quite true that those are brain-washing books, it wash the evil thought of the brain, isn't it?

    1. Anonymous6:10 AM

      OK Lets agree that those books wash evil,then why a man doing namaz 5 times a day becoming terrorist,creating such violence in the world in the name of zihad,I never ever say that all muslims are terrorists but defenetely all terrorists atleast 9 out 0f 10 are muslims.Y are they provoking violence and I wonder what kind of peace is this that islam preaching.I dont want to insult any one.I think no one can disagree with this.Its world known fact..

  16. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Mashallah very nice message..

    Sami Shaik.

  17. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Islam preaches Rape against the women of the infiedels, Islam Preaches Hindus are Idol worshippers and hence Infiedels to be wiped off from the world. Islam aims at bringing the total conversion of the world. Islam is the religion of Love, Peace and Mercy attained at the cause of spreading terror. Islamist do not oppose when there brothers kill and burned down thousands of christians and hindus in Nigeria, Pakistan,Kashmir and Bangladesh. But the join hands to Oppose when the recieve the treatment of their own medicine at Burma and Assam. Ever wondered why Muslims struggled every where they were in Minority crying foul for injustice and why they tried to wipe of minority in their own land? Well u can't think of it, coz u are nt prepared to accept ur own faults. . . . Just think about fear felt by the Mother of ur ancestors when her man was killed and she was dragged out forcibly raped and made wife or included in their harem or sold. Just Imagine torture she experienced all her lyf with no fault of her and she had no will ever considered. . . You still can talk crap lyk those converted will go to heaven and the rest to hell. . . . u are simply a Brainwashed Criminal. Quaran A book from the hell to bring down the hell. Use Brains its still nt too late.

  18. Anonymous1:40 AM

    "Moreover, the offer of Islam was generally made before any attack"
    Going by your logic I should first make an offer to u to convert and when when u don't agree, i have every right to kill u, rape your sister & wife, plunder your mosque and loot all your property ( after all war booty is halal. more so if it is a war against kafirs fought to convert them )

    "MBQ came to Sind for the sake of restoring order"
    So did america in Iraq. If u believe in that bullshit u must believe in this. Face it, he came to loot.
    "Ibn Batuta said that the Hindus who adopt the Islamic faith were exonerated from the Jizyah"
    Exactly ! no other religion has prospered on such an economic pressure tactic.

    Lets stop justifying pas and move forward which is peaceful co-existence.

  19. Anonymous2:13 PM

    What a nonsensical article full of fallacies.however i pity muslims as they have been brainwashed to think that Koran is word of god whom they call Allah for all times and muhammad is the finest example for mankind. reality is Koran is an evil book, most likely created by Shaitan and the less said abt Mo, the better

  20. Anonymous4:50 AM

    Muslims r bloody ruthless killers, treacherous, liars unfaithful un apoligetic invaders. The so called Akbar was also not so JUST as shown in d movie or by d pseudo secularists in their history ... whole of d kashmir was forced to convert during his n his subsequent mughal regimes. After d weakening of d Rajputana the sikhs n marathas came in to counter dis bloody MOHAMMEDIANS n they were sucessful in wiping them off till d britishers came in ... World widout ISLAM was def a better place to live in as ISLAM is like a cancer which ones infected a person wid never stops to grow until d person dies .... Sad but the Koran has only produced Cheaters n Liars n CROOKS who r loyal to a foreign land a foreign language a foreign religion ...

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