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Islam is propagated by sword

During the time of the prophet Muhammad there was not a single war was fought for the sake of conversion. The revelation that brought by the prophet to us teaches human beings to speak the truth, to do justice, and to establish social equality in place of oppression and inequity. The one who said that Muhammad was of warlike must not well informed about his life history.
We are told of no incidence of an aggressive nature throughout his period. He had received the traditional training of infant of Quraish, of being sent to the desert for the first few years of their lives. He used neither a sword nor a bow in the first battle of his life with Bani Sa’ad bin Bakar, a branch of Banu Huwaizan. He is reported not to have raised his hand against anyone. He was then 20 years old and would play in active part if he had possessed an aggressive nature or warlike attitude.

Yes he marched to the battlefield in several occasion and fought numerous wars, some are victorious while others are not so. But there must be a big difference between the war motivated by worldly evil will of colonization and the war that fought by the prophet. In the light of revelation and under the guidance of God he wages war against oppression and evil, struggling to establish a just social order of truth and social equality.

Islam that brought by the prophet is the religion of peace. A muslim deserved to be called as muslim if he were maintaining a good life and protecting other’s wealth safely in his hand (Amanah). That’s why a muslim must keep the peace linger in the world, for Allah dislike the damage prevailed on earth. But above all, reconciliation is much more favourable.

لا اكراه فى الدي

There should no compulsion in religion. (Al-Baqarah:256)
This Quranic verse explained that Islam opposed the force conversion to any religion. Moreover the Quran stated,
لكم دينكم و لي دين
You have your own religion and I have mine. (Al-Kafirun)

There are people who wanted to harm the peace and like to see the chaos happening on earth for the sake of his group or his personal interest. Sometimes we need force against those people for the peace keeping mission. Thus Islam allowed his people to take arms against the oppressors and agressors. However, it was not to be over the limit.
و قاثلوا فى سبيل الله الـــدين يقاتلونكم ولا تعتدوا ءان الله لا يحب ا لمعتدين (Al-Baqarah 190)

Some readers blamed me of whitewashing the history of advent of Islam in South Asia reagarding my previous posting “The spread of Islam to India” and “Arab conquest of Sindh and Multan“. I was describing the advent of Muslim rule to South Asia in a positive outlook, the way that my Hindu brothers might disagree with. Now I am telling the facts that you would be able to accept. Yes, Muhammad bin Qasim came to Sindh along with his troops killing many local Hindus and Rajputs, who didn’t welcome his presence for some particular reason. But the majority of them did welcome him.

Yes, Mahmud of Ghazni destroyed many cities and temples, defeated Hindu army, and converted temples into mosques. Likewise, Shahabuddin Ghauri raided the Hindu territories, shed their blood and also converted the temples. Timur, too, killed 100.000 Hindus with their swords, Sikandar Lodhi led the destruction of temples, and Aurangzeb, though Hindus were part of the Mughal Empire and gave their service to the Mughal emperor, but he discriminated them and put on them heavy taxes and jizyah. To be noted, the conversion of temples is not absent from Aurangzeb’s reign. Yet, after nearly a thousand years of Muslim rule in South Asia, there are more than 80% Hindu population in the modern India. Muslim rule was so powerful that could be able to convert the whole population of India forcibly, but above all their cruelness as mentioned, they didn’t do so.

Therefore, it was not sword which, convert many non-Muslims to Islam. There is an undeniable fact that the truth, rational and sensibility are the reason of the tremendous propagation of Islam. Followings are some factual reasons why Islam is vastly and rapidly spreading.
-Muslim is the landlord of Arab countries approximately 1400 years. Today, there are 14.000 Christians throughout the Arab countries. If Islam was propagated by sword there must be no Christian Arab left in the country.
-My Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. Majority of its citizen currently are Muslim while our fore forefathers could be Hindu, Budhist, animism or dynamism. Could any body inform us what Arab troops, with their swords, had shed the blood of our ancestors?
-Today, Islam in America and Europe has advanced rapidly which reach 235% while Christian reach 47%. Could anyone tell us whose troops are engaged to convert them?. Reversely, that is the American troops who onslaught them.

I am not saying that i am agree with the brutality of some rulers. In my opinion the rulers of both side were inhuman in their virtues. According to the teaching of Islam, women, children and old man are not allowed to be killed. The place of worship, either mosques or temples should not be attacked and destroyed. There are some restriction of the war that were breached by some Muslim rulers. What I am trying to say is that the spreading of Islam nothing to do with the swords. Religion dealt with intention in heart. We can not convert any body to any religion unless he embraced that religion willingly by his heart. If some one embraced any religion forcibly he will show it outwardly but he still have his own faith inward. To say that a religion will advance because of force conversion is not logic. Therefore, the advance of Islam today must not because of force conversion.

Persians, Arabs, Indonesians,Malaysians, Turkish, Sudanese and so on and so fort, were non-muslim once, but some were the stern enemy of Islam. Now they embraced Islam and allowed non-Muslim to live with them side by side in the same country. Why the same situation could not prevail in India?. Dont the Hindus realize that they are their brothers and once have the same belief?.



  1. It is true that the countries that you just mentioned above, there were no Muslim rulers who went to wage jihad to convert non-Muslims to Islam, but one should also not deny the fact that there were many nations which were conquered by the Muslim armies and were then converted to Islam. example: Palestine, Turkey, Many parts of India, Afghanistan, Iran and many more.
    Read the article for more information on whether Islam was spread by sword.

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  3. Pleased to meet you. I'm zapira from Indonesia. It's a great article. Actually, Islam is a religion of peace.

  4. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Don't give the 80% hindu statistic which is based on the present population scenario. You should see what is the hindu % population during the rule of Aurangazeb.

  5. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Whereever islamaic rulers of India could reach they could forcibly convert people. Wherever they could'nt reach Hindus survived. Hindus survived not because of Islamic rulers generosity.

  6. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Very good article and highly appreciated. However, can you tell me that in the name of Islam how the saudi arabs behave wit their own muslim brotherhood. even today many bombings, killings in the name of Jihad and fights between shia and sunni muslims etc.,

    if Islam is for peace, live and let live why to fight around the world.which muslim country is in peace. what muhammad said about 1400 years ago might be suitable to those days and today all the good sayings has been converted to the advantages of the crooked clerics and selfish politicians and kings like middle east etc.,

    onething is sure that many hindus and other religions has been converted into islam but no muslim has adopted other religion, no doubt is is personal matter, however, the fact is fact.

    Do you think when muslims among them fight like mad, if whole world converted into islam that you can live in peace.

    onething is sure- after death no body is sure what you are, where you go and what you will become, do you have next life etc.,

    if you die for jihad and go to heaven to enjoy drinking spirits, screwing virgin young girls, enjoying whole heavely life etc., and all the so called crooked clerics- may be in any religion also wish to proceed for heavenly desires is all gullible talks.

    finally death is divine and all lives are united there and nobody knows it is jesus/allah/parameswar/many others as per their religious beliefs.

    1. Anonymous7:27 AM

      There is no point is saying that Muslim does not convert. Check statistic of many countries where Muslim converts. The only reason is why people who converts doesn't want to say is the fear of being killed. Other religions of the world provide feedom to convert, which Islam isn't. Yes, there are many Islamic countries ( not all) where you don't have religious freedom. In Europe and us, you can find Quran in book shop or religious places, but you cannot find Bible an Saudi that much.

  7. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Religion is private affairs between men,While Power is about Political Movements. If Both get contaminated chaos,illwill, violence prevails. The right question to ask is what is meaning of life for religious goals, while political goals should be how to bring peace,prosperity,happiness,respect for human dignity to every human being.

  8. Ananth6:59 AM

    None of what you have said in the article can be proven. Infact several historians suggest that the people of Mecca were peaceful before the advent of Muhammad. Mohammad used to mock the beliefs of the Meccans and after tolerating this for a while the Meccans threw him out of the place (not killed, mind you) along with his followers. Later Mohammad gathered a huge army of men he managed to convert to his side and captured several caravans, looted them, took slaves etc.

    Also, saying Islam was not spread by the sword coz there still are Hindus in India is nonsense. Hindus survived (unlike some other places where indigenous cultures were totally destroyed) because the locals of India never stopped fighting the Mughals. Infact, as a result of the continuous struggle over a period of several years, most territory of the subcontinent was under the rule of the Marathas rather than the Mughals during the time of British intervention.

    You obviously have no idea about the history of India and have a lot of reading to do.

  9. Anonymous9:20 AM


  10. Informative blog for me.
    Keep it up

  11. Minimum I can say is that this is a pack of lies about the history of Muslim invaders in India ( I am no one to comment on Islam hence I am avoiding that).
    But the statement that "Muslims were so powerful that they could have converted entire India by force" is plain stupid !!
    Muslim rulers were never all-so-powerful in India. The most powerful Akbar had half north of India under him and that was the maximum one emperor had...
    Let me enlist the "Poweful"
    1. Mahmud of Gazni:
    Afghanistan and bits of today's Pakistan till lahore
    2. Ghori: Similar reached delhi
    3. Timur:Delhi and nearby areas.
    4. Moghuls. Akbar onwards to Aurangzeb.. Afghanistan to today's Madhya Pradesh..
    5.Tipu tit-bits in south India
    also there were many muslim nawabs / sultans ruling different parts of India separately at different points in time....
    The total time actually when most of India was under Muslim rulers was not more than 150 years..
    And that too most of it was supported by Rajput / Maratha and other warrior communities. Hence still muslim rulers were not all-powerful...
    The invaders primarily benefited from the infighting among the local kings and caused the destructions "where-ever they could". And that is the reason why still India is 80%+ Hindu because Muslim rulers couldnt do what they could to other parts in Asia... Not because they were kind as projected by the likes of you

  12. It's interesting post. I liked it.

  13. Islam is growing in Europe. But is it fair that Muslims enjoy religious freedom in Europe, while denying the same kind of right to others in Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. Just curious about your view on this.


  14. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I dont think that other religions could not enjoy their religious freedom in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

  15. Anonymous1:13 PM

    by birth every child is hindu ,no matter he was born in india/ indonasia/amarica/iran/arab/...etc when you did "khatna" then he became " muslim", when you did " confirmation" he became "chirstian" that means your allah unable to give a child to this world by birth muslim. he give everything to this world but not a muslim / and not the islam .

    1. Anonymous10:29 AM

      First of check your knowledge about Islam, the person who do not done khatna is also a muslim

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